Definition of traplike in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌlīk/


See trap

‘Like the designs on Iatmul lime containers or the interweaving patterns of Celtic knot work, kinship diagrams and uli, as both physical images and analytical concepts, exert a difficult trap-like influence.’
  • ‘It opened its mouth hungrily, showing its trap-like jaw once again while it salivated onto the floor.’
  • ‘As fish swim by, the angelshark bursts up and surprises the prey, catching it in its trap-like jaws.’
  • ‘Because of these trap-like defects, the interface 119-107 essentially behaves like an n-type material.’
  • ‘The tab-like extension 29 has a perforated line of weakness 33 longitudinally extending over the trap-like gap 25 to facilitate breaking or tearing the tab-like extension in order to permit the film spool 9 to rotate.’