Definition of travel agency in English:

travel agency

(also travel bureau)

Pronunciation /ˈtravəl ˈājənsē/ /ˈtrævəl ˈeɪdʒənsi/

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  • An agency that makes the necessary arrangements for travelers, especially the booking of airline tickets and hotel rooms.

    ‘We made arrangements with a local travel agency to put together a package for the three of us - Frank, Charlie and myself.’
    • ‘To serve residents in the south of the country, it has cooperated with a travel agency to open the charter service.’
    • ‘Initially it was a corporate travel agency offering an online system to individual companies.’
    • ‘He denied he benefited financially from the travel agency.’
    • ‘Nearly half of the travel agency's clients are corporate customers.’
    • ‘Work out a swap deal with your local travel agency in exchange for promoting it in your advertising.’
    • ‘His wife overheard him talking with a travel agency and real-estate company.’
    • ‘Usually the travel agency will arrange deals with one or two shops in each tourist city.’
    • ‘To run a travel agency is permissible provided the agency is not directly involved in promoting haram activities.’
    • ‘Our boutique travel agency tokes you on vacations that match your psychological profile.’
    • ‘Also, the tour operator or travel agency is obliged to have certain insurances, like medical insurance.’
    • ‘At another, a travel agency has a bench with the world map and tourism related artwork on it.’
    • ‘In today's travel jungle, the unhappy customer is the lion a travel agency should most fear.’
    • ‘The Taiwanese travel agency which handled the tour groups did not buy any insurance.’
    • ‘However, it isn't valid if the tickets are booked privately and not through a travel agency.’
    • ‘His travel agency gets customers for a forty-day tour of India and Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘Never fear, there's a travel agency that's just waiting to give you the hottest holiday of your life.’
    • ‘We buzzed the travel bureau, but no one was going west that night.’
    • ‘At the travel bureau, they get an offer to drive a limousine to Chicago.’
    • ‘The place is decorated like a travel agency you wouldn't trust.’