Definition of trayf in English:



(also treyf)
  • (of food) not satisfying the requirements of Jewish law.

    ‘I asked her if she ever ate food that was trayf’
    • ‘Delineated in the Book of Leviticus and dating back to 1200 B.C.E., kashrut is a system of food laws for eating kosher foods and avoiding trefa foods.’
    • ‘The word most commonly used to designate any non-kosher food is trayf - meaning torn.’
    • ‘Foods that are not acceptable (termed trefa) include pork, fish that do not have scales and fins (like lobster or shrimp), and meals that combine meat and dairy products.’



/trāf/ /treɪf/


Mid 19th century from Hebrew ṭĕrēp̱āh ‘the flesh of an animal torn or mauled’, from ṭārap̱ ‘rend’.