Definition of treacherousness in English:



See treacherous

‘The introduction speaks of the harshness and treacherousness of the Antarctic - so much so that I actually felt a chill.’
  • ‘Fairbanks is made out to be a pretty dangerous town with flights in the winter operating perhaps only a few times a week due to the difficulty and treacherousness of getting around the ice fog.’
  • ‘Thus far, their collected data confirm the treacherousness of the bottom.’
  • ‘In mythology, the treacherousness of water is personified as alluring and irresistible women without souls who lure unwary men to a watery death.’
  • ‘But caution must be adopted that nobody underestimates the treacherousness, cunning, craftiness and the ruthlessness of the regime.’



/ˈtreCH(ə)rəsnəs/ /ˈtrɛtʃ(ə)rəsnəs/