Definition of treadle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtredl/ /ˈtrɛdl/

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  • 1A lever worked by the foot that imparts motion to a machine.

    ‘She had a treadle sewing machine and mended everything.’
    • ‘My mother wasn't good at sewing but she had a treadle sewing machine and patched and patched.’
    • ‘Franklin's glass armonica, which rests in a mahogany veneered case on cabriole legs and pad feet, was probably originally fitted with a foot treadle to rotate the axle on which the color-coded glass bowls were mounted.’
    • ‘The rocking motion of the treadle and the gentle clacking of the machine often lulled the restless child.’
    • ‘Pumping their feet on the treadle would turn the drill bit in the patient's tooth.’
    • ‘Clothing and homemade baskets come from a cooperative of women who sew on foot treadle machines.’
    • ‘It lived for a long time at the bottom of the button drawer on my grandmother's old treadle Singer sewing machine, which I had inherited.’
    • ‘He was listening to the singing of treadle sewing machines hard at work, not an encroaching fever.’
    • ‘He dipped his fingers in water, spun the bowls using a foot treadle and then played them almost like a piano.’
    • ‘Polishing in our workshop had to be done on an old treadle lathe, the only machine we had.’
    • ‘In this experiment, demonstrator pigeons either stepped on a treadle or pecked at the treadle to obtain a food reward.’
    • ‘My thin black boot beat on the treadle, urging the wheel to spin harder.’
    • ‘He said that Tri-Lakes would provide 100 per cent maintenance to the treadle pumps that were given to the farmers.’
    • ‘I almost wished we could use the defunct treadles because every time I turned my machine own it ran away with me.’
    • ‘I replaced the missing foot treadle; otherwise, it is as found.’
    • ‘For instance, a woman using buckets can do 200-500 square metres while the treadle pump user can cover up to 2,500 square metres (five times as much) within the same given time.’
    • ‘Other developments in the nineteenth century included the reclining dental chair, amalgam fillings (which were controversial even in the 1850s), and the treadle engine for driving the dental drill.’
    • ‘I loved the sound of my boot beating on the treadle.’
    • ‘A Scottish blacksmith, Kirkpatrick MacMillan, is credited with adding a treadle drive mechanism in 1840, for the first time enabling the rider to lift his feet off the ground.’
    • ‘The other result was that Bob became skilled at hand setting lines of display type, locking up printing formes and hand feeding both treadle and motorised presses.’
    1. 1.1Any of a row of metal spikes set on an angle on a spring within a plate laid across the entrance or exit of a parking facility, used to prevent drivers from using the facility without paying.

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Operate (a machine) using a treadle.

    • ‘he was treadling the cardboard-box machine’


Old English tredel ‘stair, step’ (see tread).