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Treasury bill

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  • A short-dated government security, yielding no interest but issued at a discount on its redemption price.

    ‘Today, there is a widely-held perception that the U.S. government is the safest credit risk on the planet - heck, mathematical economists even deem the yield on a U.S. Treasury bill to be the ‘risk-free rate of return.’’
    • ‘An investor must be induced by a potential investment return in order to give up a risk-free alternative like a Treasury bill.’
    • ‘They would, in fact, return something close to the Treasury bill or bond rate, according to these claims.’
    • ‘And the government debt market, too, is signaling that the Fed has more cutting to do; the yield on the 91-day Treasury bill now trades a quarter-point below the central bank's 2 1 / 2% target.’
    • ‘Rates on the 91-day Treasury bill also went up 0.04 percent at the close of 2001.’
    • ‘Taxable funds place investments in securities such as Treasury bills and commercial papers that pay interest income that is subject to federal taxation once it is paid to the fund purchaser.’
    • ‘The primary advantages attracting an investor to Treasury bills or money market mutual funds are their liquidity and safety.’
    • ‘If mutual fund managers aren't investing part of the fund's assets in stocks, they park it in cash - short-term money market securities, such as Treasury bills.’
    • ‘Based on current interest rates for Treasury bills, the consolidation rate on loans issued after July 1998 could fall as low as 4.13%.’
    • ‘Before the crisis, most of the Mexican government's debt took the form of cetes or short-term peso-denominated securities similar to U.S. Treasury bills.’
    • ‘Alternatively, the government may seek to borrow the money, by issuing Treasury bills and bonds to the public.’
    • ‘Student-loan rates are recalculated annually, based on the interest rate for short-term Treasury bills.’
    • ‘The rates are tied to interest rates for short-term Treasury bills at the last auction in May, which was held Monday.’
    • ‘Federal student loan rates are tied to interest rates for short-term Treasury bills set at the last auction in May.’
    • ‘In this economic environment the average discount rate on Treasury bills is 4.95 per cent.’
    • ‘In a kind of vendor finance program, a few foreign central banks provide the financing by buying US Treasury bills and other US assets.’
    • ‘While Greenspan confines his holdings to savings accounts, money-market funds, and Treasury bills, Mitchell holds some stocks.’
    • ‘Cash is any safe, liquid investment: money market mutual funds, bank CDs or Treasury bills, for example.’
    • ‘She said investment into Government bonds and Treasury bills was now at 10 per cent of its total investment.’
    • ‘During the 1948-49 recession, Treasury bills yielded around 1%, whilst in 1937-38 bill rates were close to zero.’


Treasury bill

/ˈtreZH(ə)rē bil/ /ˈtrɛʒ(ə)ri bɪl/