Definition of tree of heaven in English:

tree of heaven


  • A tall, fast-growing Chinese tree, widely cultivated as an ornamental and shade tree.

    Ailanthus altissima, family Simaroubaceae

    • ‘Two hundred years ago, a Philadelphia gardener imported the Chinese tree of heaven, and Chinese immigrants later introduced it on the West Coast.’
    • ‘The tree of heaven opposite the church of Saints Peter and Paul was still entombed deep inside its branches but the faintest yellow-green fuzz had begun to blur the outline of willows on the banks of the River Vistula.’
    • ‘This is a tree of heaven, aolanthus artissima, and this one's from China.’
    • ‘Evans sees tree of heaven and Japanese barberry, garlic mustard and stilt grass invading the heart of the forest.’
    • ‘The images of the ‘circus-poster horses curveted/in trees of heaven,’ and the elders who ‘would sit on broken steps,’ locate this poem on the front or street-side of the houses.’