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tree surgeon

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  • A person who prunes and treats old or damaged trees in order to preserve them.

    ‘Mr Edwards, who is disabled and so can't help with the digging and preparation for the planting, instead uses his skills as a tree surgeon and arborist, to plan the planting.’
    • ‘Mature trees have been attended to by a tree surgeon at a cost of more than a £1, 000, graves have been either replanted with low lying shrubs or lined and re-pebbled, and 6,000 spring bulbs have been planted.’
    • ‘In America it's common practice for a tree surgeon to visit a property on a regular basis to keep trees at a size that ensures good light levels.’
    • ‘Alternatively, he might advise that you should obtain your own report from a tree surgeon, who might be able to recommend a mutually acceptable compromise.’
    • ‘It's always a good idea to seek the advice of a professional tree surgeon - a qualified expert who understands the individual needs of large trees.’
    • ‘He said that when the council received a complaint regarding a dangerous tree it employed the service of a tree surgeon and then acted on the report.’
    • ‘It makes sense to have trees within striking distance of your home inspected regularly by a qualified tree surgeon.’
    • ‘He started in forestry and then became a tree surgeon before moving into countryside management.’
    • ‘He had worked for 14 years as a tree surgeon before he was forced to quit three years ago because he suffered a nervous breakdown following the death of his father.’
    • ‘Daniel, a tree surgeon, was rushed to Rochdale Infirmary and almost immediately transferred to the micro-surgery unit at Wythenshawe Hospital, where doctors fear his injuries are so severe they may have to amputate another finger.’
    • ‘But I spoke to the tree surgeon who was cutting them down and he said he thought there was nothing wrong with them.’
    • ‘A distraction burglar used his detailed knowledge of the business affairs of a local tree surgeon to gain entry to a home in Durrington and keep the householder talking while an accomplice searched for valuables.’
    • ‘After several speed-dating sessions, Pam, a 47-year-old divorcee, ended up happily wrapped around a tree surgeon six years her junior.’
    • ‘A tree surgeon who punched a fellow golfer in a row over a wayward shot has been ordered to pay £250 compensation and made the subject of a community rehabilitation order.’
    • ‘Her husband, Tony, 45, a tree surgeon, said the family were now considering taking out a loan to meet the £1,900 cost of a private operation.’
    • ‘I used to cut trees down for a living, like a tree surgeon.’
    • ‘To help pay for his education, he worked as a tree surgeon, but soon discovered that the Stourhead estate was looking for a gardener/arborist.’
    • ‘We have taken advice from a tree surgeon and some of the trees need a little bit of work doing to them which is very expensive.’
    • ‘In fact a tree surgeon told me it was looking dead.’
    • ‘Had rotten branches been found, I am convinced that such a lovely tree merited the attention of a tree surgeon rather than felling it.’


tree surgeon

/trē ˈsərjən/ /tri ˈsərdʒən/