Definition of tree swallow in English:

tree swallow


  • A North American swallow that nests in trees.

    Tachycineta bicolor, family Artamidae

    ‘My nest box attracted a tree swallow - a species that often uses boxes designed for bluebirds.’
    • ‘This 55-acre park has a network of boardwalks and walkways that allows species such as the common snipe and the tree swallow to be observed without harming the lush grasses and wetland they thrive in.’
    • ‘It's cheerful too; the liquid sound of the tree swallow's ebullient trills is enough to improve anyone's mood.’
    • ‘However, only terrestrial species have been tested, such as barn swallows, tree swallows, dunnocks, alpine accentors, and acorn woodpeckers.’
    • ‘If you haven't attracted bluebirds or tree swallows by late spring, close your box up or take it down, but do not let English sparrows, vicious predators, take over any box.’


tree swallow

/trē ˈswälō/ /tri ˈswɑloʊ/