Definition of trelliswork in English:



mass noun
  • Interlacing strips of wood or metal forming a trellis or lattice.

    • ‘The Ark is portrayed by a piece of trelliswork with a label ‘ARK ‘hung on it and the animals are imagined by the actors by sound and mime most believably.’
    • ‘It was a pretty little terraced house with roses around the doorway and trelliswork in an unpretentious garden.’
    • ‘Here, the highly ornamental plant container, held up by a complex quatrefoil trelliswork and spilling over with flowers, forms an architectural ziggurat that is not unlike the theatrical flower beds of the landscape garden.’
    • ‘The casino's cream-colored stucco walls will rise from the surrounding lush landscaping and trelliswork.’
    • ‘The doors of the bookcase, instead of being glazed, have brass trelliswork framed by a double row of Gothic arcading.’
    • ‘Secondary and tertiary scales are made by elements such as the timber trelliswork, screens and climbing frames.’
    • ‘He felt the familiar faint jarring of a strata overlay and immediately the Matriarch stood facing him in the sunlight that shone through the trelliswork above.’