Definition of trendoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrendoid/ /ˈtrɛndɔɪd/


  • A person who follows fashion blindly or excessively.

    • ‘his trendoid trips to Beverly Hills’
    • ‘These are the ‘battlers' John Howard so successfully wooed in the 1996 elections by exploiting the perception that Keating was pandering to ‘elites’ (inner suburban trendoids like me) instead of looking after the real Aussie worker.’
    • ‘What fools we were to have brunch in the West Village, fools for reading New York Magazine restaurant reviews, fools for believing the trendoids and ‘in-the-know’ closet-transplants.’
    • ‘I in turn don't contain even the merest trace elements of sympathy for the ambitious, vain and greedy trendoids who masquerade as contestants on these shows.’
    • ‘This particular school has become popular among the trendoids of a certain Johannesburg suburb - no names, no detention.’
    • ‘We can send the yuppies running, eradicate the trustafarians, obliterate the trendoids.’
    • ‘I got pretty tired of the trendoids - for whom not having a boyfriend is a sin.’
    • ‘Stung, perhaps, by the burgeoning of Greenside as the newest suburb where trendoids go to dine, Melville is reasserting its gastronomic credentials in late October with a two-day Meander.’
    • ‘He's too busy living the Zagat lifestyle, munching herbed French fries in designer clothing at overpriced restaurants with fellow trendoids who are all cheating on each other.’
    • ‘That means spotting the trends even before the trendoids do, turning the ideas into affordable clothes, and making the apparel fly off the racks.’
    • ‘The problem with Toronto ‘it’ events is that they also tend to draw out a superficial crowd of trendoids whose only goal in the evening is to see and be seen.’
    • ‘Crate-digging funkoholics and hipper-than-thou trendoids, that's who.’
    • ‘Be warned though, after 8pm the trendoids come out and it's all heels please ladies and smart shoes and long pants gentlemen.’
    • ‘But as before, we'd been beaten to the punch by Madeline's group of brainless trendoids.’
    • ‘Tempted as you are to visit big gay Meccas teeming with lab types, all these trendoids will do nothing but put you to sleep.’
    • ‘It had a hot line of pseudo-athletic footwear but collapsed when the trendoids went elsewhere.’
    • ‘Her daughter, the narrator, is a New Age arty trendoid sui generis.’


  • Following fashion blindly or extravagantly.

    • ‘Finally, the Melbourne's scene can be clicky and trendoid.’
    • ‘Especially if we belong to trendoid inner-suburban branches like I am, we may send a motion or two to the Party hierarchy and receive polite replies.’
    • ‘If you're more of a down dog, hit your trendoid yoga class in style.’