Definition of trepang in English:



another term for bêche-de-mer (sense 1)
‘Certainly trepang from this trade reached China.’
  • ‘The flesh of the trepang has to be drenched in water for a long time prior to cooking, in order to remove a lot of the gelatinous goo, or so I'm told.’
  • ‘This trade included the abundant trepang harvested in north Australia.’
  • ‘In the Far East they are also exploited as a dried, salted or smoked food called trepang or beche-de-mer and they are also vital to the development of a healthy reef, acting like giant earthworms and recycling nutrients.’
  • ‘Macassan fishermen in search of trepang (sea slugs or beche-de-mer) began visiting northern Australia about the 1720s.’



/trəˈpaNG/ /trəˈpæŋ/


Late 18th century from Malay teripang.