Definition of très in English:



  • Very (usually with reference to a fashionable quality)

    ‘a hurricane hit the très exclusive cabanas, leaving them open to the public for the first and only time’
    • ‘The pullover's gorgeous and très fashionable, but it's torture to wear.’
    • ‘Romancing the Stone is still lots of fun, très silly, and makes me want to set something similar on New Zealand's West Coast, although we have neither crocodiles nor alligators, and few guns.’
    • ‘Let's stay together: I've been asked about the imponderously dull demerger question, which finally goes to vote très soon.’
    • ‘I'm really excited at this prospect, but also très nervous.’
    • ‘The offspring of this ménage à trois is a menu that is both down-home (if your home happens to be the Indian subcontinent) and très downtown.’



/trā/ /treɪ/