Definition of tress in English:


Pronunciation /tres/ /trɛs/

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usually tresses
  • A long lock of a woman's hair.

    ‘she was tugging a comb through her long tresses’
    • ‘She reached up and pulled off the black wig, and her long golden tresses tumbled around her shoulders.’
    • ‘Her golden honey tresses were curled to perfection, falling around her face as if she were an angel.’
    • ‘He had ripped away one beloved hand and only a few strands remained of the once beautiful mane of golden tresses.’
    • ‘Her life is almost as golden as her streaked tresses.’
    • ‘Then, he noticed it; someone had taken the golden tresses and tied them back into a ponytail.’
    • ‘She replied calmly, the blonde tresses curled in adorable ringlets around her making her face glow.’
    • ‘A large, heavy wig of golden tresses adorned her head, making her appear to be taller than she truly was.’
    • ‘He took out her hair clip and Chloe's golden tresses fell to her shoulders.’
    • ‘Taking the part meant shaving off his golden tresses and growing a tangled beard - a look that came to him in a dream.’
    • ‘Molly threw back her hair in a flurry of golden tresses and whooped a bit longer.’
    • ‘Bess was in the process of elaborately braiding her long golden tresses.’
    • ‘On the hearth were thick tresses - very thick tresses - of gray human hair.’
    • ‘Princesses with golden curls, a raven mane or shiny red tresses having adventures are what fairy tales are all about.’
    • ‘It would catch me every time - her silky golden red tresses, and that enchanting smile that shone right through her phenomenal hazel eyes.’
    • ‘He hauled himself into a sitting position, his wealth of black tresses tumbling down his back and framing his face in a lustrous purple-black surround.’
    • ‘Long, golden tresses flowed down past her waist, delicate diamonds and jewels strung between each strand.’
    • ‘Her golden tresses no longer incited a tremor to run through him.’
    • ‘Jill ran her fingers through the long blond tresses a few times for good measure.’
    • ‘You will have to redye your tresses every six to eight weeks to maintain your color.’
    • ‘Leigh on the other hand, was a tall and slender figured girl, with an olive complexion and dark violet tresses longer than her back.’
    hair, head of hair, mane, mop of hair, shock of hair

transitive verb

[with object]archaic
  • Arrange (a person's hair) into long locks.


Middle English from Old French tresse, perhaps based on Greek trikha ‘threefold’.