Definition of trey in English:


nounplural noun treys

  • 1US (in basketball) a shot scoring three points.

    ‘The NBAers had the chance to win with the final shot but a trey by Antoine Walker came up short.’
    • ‘The Tar Heels had just nailed a trey to knot the score late in this back and forth battle.’
    • ‘AI put down 17 of 21 foul shots and 3 of 4 treys to go along with 11 dimes and 5 steals in what was arguably his best game of the season.’
    • ‘The 9 shots in the series going into last night were all treys.’
    • ‘Off-guard Eddie Jones was third in the NBA with 177 treys.’
    • ‘Too often, Marbury is forced to pop a pipe dream of a trey because the offense doesn't flow and post-up options are few.’
    • ‘It's just that some players, when you question what they can do, they answer by raining treys in your face and blowing by you in the open floor.’
    • ‘Yet when Denver extended its big men and rotated its guards to shut off the pick and roll, the Wolves merely swung the ball to a wide-open Latrell Sprewell on the wing, who buried seven treys en route to a 31-point performance.’
    1. 1.1A playing card or die with three spots.
      ‘The minimum bid is two; the maximum is the total number of points available - either ten or seven, depending on whether you count the trey of trumps.’
      • ‘But see, you never knew, because deuces became treys in the outer boroughs.’
      • ‘Yet we don't count up two diamonds from the deuce and two from the trey, but treat each card as a complete unity.’



/trā/ /treɪ/


Late Middle English from Old French trei ‘three’, from Latin tres.