Definition of trial court in English:

trial court


mainly North American
  • A court of law where cases are tried in the first place, as opposed to an appeals court.

    ‘Well, it is not for an appeal court or a trial court just to ignore a statute of the Commonwealth of Australia.’
    • ‘It is important to note that in neither the trial court or the appeals court was the mother's lesbian relationship part of the decision.’
    • ‘And, to the surprise of many First Amendment advocates, he prevailed in both the trial court and the court of appeals.’
    • ‘The intermediate court of appeals reversed the trial court's decision.’
    • ‘The trial court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit both agreed with the school board.’
    • ‘There, as in many states, a defendant has to post a bond in order to appeal a trial court judgement.’
    • ‘This point was simply not before the trial court or the Court of Appeal.’
    • ‘We are not a trial court or an intermediate court.’
    • ‘The journalists asked the appeals court to block the trial court's order, but the request was denied and the tapes were turned over.’
    • ‘This Court cannot become a trial court for migration matters.’
    • ‘In the result the court held that the trial court relied ‘to a large extent’ on this evidence.’
    • ‘Accordingly, they requested that the trial court dismiss the lawsuit.’
    • ‘The court of appeal may dismiss the appeal, quash the judgment, or request a retrial by a trial court.’
    • ‘The United States Court of Appeals held that the trial court, by excluding psychological testimony, had erred.’
    • ‘However, a superior court should generally defer the exercise of its jurisdiction to the trial court unless there are special circumstances.’
    • ‘That same person goes free if proceedings are stayed, or when a trial court acquits or when, as in this case, a conviction is quashed on appeal.’
    • ‘The state took him to court for drunk driving, but the trial court threw out the charges.’
    • ‘The trial court, the Court of Appeals, four other justices of the Supreme Court, and many commentators disagreed.’
    • ‘On appeal, it is submitted that the trial court erred on each issue.’
    • ‘He was sent to jail on a life term by the High Court in 1992 a decade after the trial court convicted him for murdering a person over a property dispute.’


trial court

/ˈtrī(ə)l kôrt/ /ˈtraɪ(ə)l kɔrt/