Definition of triazine in English:



  • Any of a group of compounds whose molecules contain an unsaturated ring of three carbon and three nitrogen atoms.

    as modifier ‘triazine herbicides’
    • ‘Bioassays with lettuce and cucumber seedlings showed that simazine, a triazine herbicide related to atrazine, can persist in soils and cause subsequent replanting problems.’
    • ‘They are constantly being retired with hindsight, recent examples being the triazine herbicides, such as atrazine and simazine, which have been shown to be endocrine disruptors.’
    • ‘For the triazine herbicides and others that have been used for a number of years, it is possible to estimate carryover potential from test results.’
    • ‘It is a triazine derivative chemically unrelated to any other antiepileptic drug.’
    • ‘The same can be said for the triazine review and the phenoxy herbicide review.’



/ˈtrīəˌzēn/ /ˈtraɪəˌzin/