Definition of triazole in English:



  • Any compound whose molecule contains a ring of three nitrogen and two carbon atoms, in particular each of five isomeric compounds containing such a ring with two double bonds.

    Chemical formula: C₂H₃N₃

    ‘One fungicide group often discussed for soybean rust management is the triazoles.’
    • ‘Itraconazole is a newer triazole medication with a broad antifungal spectrum that includes dermatophytes, many nondermatophytic molds and Candida species.’
    • ‘An attractive alternative to amphotericin is the triazole voriconazole.’
    • ‘Itraconazole, a synthetic broad-spectrum triazole, is currently available as an injection, oral solution, and capsule.’
    • ‘Outcomes data for the treatment of nondermatophytic and candidal onychomycosis are limited, but broader spectrum triazole medications may be more effective against these pathogens.’



/ˈtrīəˌzōl/ /ˈtraɪəˌzoʊl/ /trīˈaˌzôl/ /traɪˈæˌzɔl/