Definition of triblet in English:



  • A cylindrical rod used for forging nuts, rings, tubes, and other rounded metallic objects.

    • ‘Metal triblets are used to adjust the size and shape of finished rings, usually by tapping the ring with a nylon hammer.’
    • ‘I hit from both sides of the triblet, top and bottom.’
    • ‘The machine is modified for bending from rolls, automatic cutting and deburring, and bending without a triblet, with an option for forming with up to four lifts.’
    • ‘Triblets used in jewellery are usually gradiated and marked in standard finger sizes.’
    • ‘The on-line shop includes electric kilns, kiln shelves, kiln paper, precision jewellery and craft tools, pliers and cutters, mandrels, triblets, safety equipment, and other tools and accessories.’


Early 17th century from French triboulet, of unknown origin.