Definition of trichina in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrɪkɪnə/ /trɪˈkʌɪnə/


  • A parasitic nematode worm of humans and other mammals, the adults of which live in the small intestine. The larvae form hard cysts in the muscles, where they remain until eaten by the next host.

    Genus Trichinella, class Aphasmida (or Adenophorea)

    • ‘Countries in the European Union test each pig carcass for the presence of trichinae worms - at a cost of $576 million in 1998.’
    • ‘Audits will be conducted periodically to ensure that good production practices relative to trichinae remain in place.’
    • ‘A National Institute of Health report published in 1943 found 16.1% of the U. S. human population to be infected with trichinae.’
    • ‘Most management systems now in use lack trichinae infection risk factors or have only minimal risks that can be easily eliminated.’
    • ‘He points out that research on the trichina parasite has a long history at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, so he began with plenty of information about the disease and its transmission.’


Mid 19th century from modern Latin (former genus name), from Greek trikhinos ‘of hair’.



/ˈtrɪkɪnə/ /trɪˈkʌɪnə/