Definition of trichinosis in English:



mass noun
  • A disease caused by trichinae, typically from infected meat, characterized by digestive disturbance, fever, and muscular rigidity.

    This disease is typically caused by Trichinella spiralis

    • ‘The animals harbor the lice and fleas that spawn serious diseases such as typhus, trichinosis, and infectious jaundice.’
    • ‘However, the autopsy results of 1976 show that he was suffering from pneumonia, tuberculosis and trichinosis, a deadly combination.’
    • ‘Lastly, they are valuable for use in medical research on multiple births, organ transplants, birth defects and diseases such as leprosy, typhus and trichinosis.’
    • ‘For instance, pork was prohibited so the Jews would not get the disease of trichinosis and the laws of salting meat were a way of preserving the meat before refrigeration was invented.’
    • ‘He identified the nematode in undercooked pork that is responsible for trichinosis, a debilitating and sometimes deadly muscle disease.’