Definition of trichloroacetic acid in English:

trichloroacetic acid

(also trichloracetic acid)


mass nounChemistry
  • A toxic deliquescent crystalline solid used as a solvent, analgesic, and anaesthetic.

    Chemical formula: CCl₃COOH

    • ‘The gel was fixed with a 10% trichloroacetic acid / 10% acetic acid / 50% methanol solution, dried, and exposed to X-ray film.’
    • ‘Topical treatment with retinoids, podophyllin resin, trichloroacetic acid, or glycolic acid, and surgical removal have been used in some refractory cases.’
    • ‘If deep, then chemical peeling with higher percentage of glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid may be needed.’
    • ‘Deeper chemical peels, with trichloracetic acid, can help even out blotchy looking skin and coarser wrinkles.’
    • ‘During pregnancy, treatment with trichloroacetic acid or bichloroacetic acid is acceptable.’


trichloroacetic acid

/trʌɪˌklɔːrəʊəˈsiːtɪk/ /-ˌklɒrəʊ-/