Definition of trichloroethane in English:



  • A colorless nonflammable volatile liquid, used as a solvent and cleaner.

    Alternative name: 1,1,1-trichloroethane; chemical formula: CCl ₃CH₃

    ‘Following are some of the compounds listed on product labels: petroleum distillates, mineral spirits, chlorinated solvents, carbon tetrachloride, methylene chloride, trichloroethane, toluene and formaldehyde.’
    • ‘Other halogenated compounds, such as trichloroacetic acid, trichloroethane, bromoform and iodoacetate, but not trifluoroacetate, will also react with the excited state indole chromophores in a similar reaction.’
    • ‘Perchloroethylene or 1-1 - 1 trichloroethane solvents (in spot removers and carpet cleaners) can cause liver and kidney damage if ingested.’
    • ‘Pesticides such as dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane, dieldrin, and aldrin were dropped from planes like bombs.’
    • ‘The abuse of halon-containing fire extinguishers and correcting fluids containing 1,1, 1 - trichloroethane is now almost unheard of in the UK.’



/trīˌklôrōˈeTHān/ /traɪˌklɔroʊˈɛθeɪn/