Definition of trichopteran in English:



  • An insect of the order Trichoptera; a caddis fly.

    • ‘Both the lepidopteran and the trichopteran branches are relatively long and share a common node, a different situation from the plecopteran and the collembolan branches.’
    • ‘One trichopteran family that is unknown from the Messel sediments has been identified from the intestinal contents.’
    • ‘Epiphytic algae appear to underpin much of the production in the littoral zone of this oligotrophic lake, with trichopteran and chironomid larvae mediating carbon flows from algae to fish.’
    • ‘Young feed on planktonic cladocerans, copepods, ostracods, and mites; chironomid, trichopteran and ephemeropteran larvae; and bottom ooze.’
    • ‘Many trichopteran larvae build moveable cases out of sticks, leaves, reed stems or sand grains, while the free-living species generally construct silken nets or retreats underwater.’


  • Relating to or denoting trichopterans.

    • ‘Foods eaten include trichopteran larvae, tendepedid larvae, cladocerans, isopods, crayfish, and copepods.’
    • ‘Moreover, it was also found that ephemeropteran species dominated spring and summer diets, while trichopteran species prevailed in winter.’
    • ‘Some Trichopteran species construct tubular retreats along the surfaces of rocks or within stream bed sediments.’