Definition of trichotomous in English:



See trichotomy

  • ‘Branching details are difficult to resolve in full, but trichotomous branching is evident in several areas, and four orders of laterals are evident within the upper verticils of this zone.’
  • ‘The dependent variable for this study was a trichotomous survey item focusing on level of parent involvement: ‘how active are you in your child's health education?’’
  • ‘Bivariate analyses of the trichotomous accuracy variable and patient attributes showed no important differences with respect to patients' age, sex, race, religion, or marital status.’
  • ‘Polytomous logistic regression was used in the analyses involving the severity of crime because the severity variable is an ordered, trichotomous measure.’
  • ‘To make comparable these two methods of assessment, a trichotomous classification was used.’