Definition of trichroic in English:



  • (of a crystal) appearing with different colours when viewed along the three crystallographic directions.

    • ‘The trichroic mirror is a thin rectangular wedge 3 by 5 inches in dimension and 0.125 inches thick.’
    • ‘Very few stones are trichroic and this is what makes tanzanites very easy to identify.’
    • ‘This new trichroic prism assembly is especially useful in a compact color projector employing reflective liquid-crystal light valves.’
    • ‘The gemstone is trichroic in dark blue, green-yellow and red-purple.’
    • ‘Only orthorhombic, monoclinic and triclinic minerals can be trichroic since they have three unique axes of symmetry and therefore three unique directions that can absorb light in three different ways.’
    • ‘Tanzanite has many hues that are reflected due to the fact it is a trichroic gem.’
    • ‘There is no other difference and Fancy Tanzanite displays the same amazing trichroic properties as blue/violet Tanzanite and has exactly the same physical and chemical properties.’
    • ‘Naturally trichroic, the species shows different colors when viewed through each of its three crystal axes: blue, red-violet and yellow-green.’
    • ‘Only difficulty is orienting the rough as it is trichroic.’
    • ‘The trichroic element in the visible region is either transparent, for observation near infrared radiation from the sample using commercially available video cameras, or a beam splitter, for incorporation of a visible light illuminator in the attachment.’


Late 19th century from Greek trikhroos (from tri- ‘three’ + khrōs ‘colour’) + -ic.