Definition of trichromatism in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈkrōməˌtizəm/


See trichromatic

‘There are three types of anomalous trichromatism named according to which photopigment is affected: Protanomalous trichromatism, Deuteranomalous trichromatism and Tritanomalous trichromatism.’
  • ‘Fernandez and Morris conclude that trichromatism evolved for ecological rather than social reasons, such as the detection of edible leaves and/or fruits.’
  • ‘Then came the mutation of trichromatism, which enabled us to see fruit - cherries, say - more easily against a variegated leafy background.’
  • ‘Position and brightness are two generally useful clues, as well as the slight differences that may be perceived even with severe anomalous trichromatism.’
  • ‘Half of the people with anomalous trichromatism can make precise color matches (but not as precisely as those with normal color vision) and are said to have a simple anomaly, while the other half cannot and are said to have an extreme anomaly.’