Definition of trickle-down in English:



usually as modifier
  • The theory that the poorest in society gradually benefit as a result of the increasing wealth of the richest.

    ‘the trickle-down effect’
    • ‘Before Howard started using the phrase, people who had not reaped the benefits of the trickle-down effect wouldn't have cited this elite as a group they resented.’
    • ‘Under the open-source model, scientists are free to modify the control software, creating a trickle-down effect that benefits amateurs.’
    • ‘He has a regular housekeeper, whose family thus benefits from the trickle-down effect.’
    • ‘We're not going to subscribe to the terrible trickle-down economics, the unfair trickle-down theories of the age-old, ideological approach used by this administration.’
    • ‘Although much of the expertise and equipment will come from overseas, the local economy will benefit from trickle-down spending and some businesses are already looking at creating more jobs.’
    • ‘He emphasises a code of ethics for economics, rejects abstract free trade theory, and loathes the trickle-down effect.’
    • ‘Less tax burden means greater profitability, which leads inevitably to growth, more jobs, and trickle-down benefits for everybody in the province.’
    • ‘What is often confused with a trickle-down theory is supply-side economics, such as that advocated by Arthur Laffer.’
    • ‘This scenario asks us to believe in trickle-down economics theory on a global scale, even though so far it has not worked in any single country.’
    • ‘The trickle-down theory seems to be working perfectly well in the police force, at least, in the case of infrastructure such as buildings.’
    • ‘Besides, some say that we haven't given the trickle-down theory a chance.’
    • ‘As long as everyone is doing better, the trickle-down theory will keep just about everyone happy.’
    • ‘In this limited way, some development eventually filters down - the largely discredited but still very popular trickle-down theory beloved of neo-liberal economists and policy makers.’
    • ‘The trickle-down theory does work, although ‘trickle’ is the right word for the phenomenon.’
    • ‘Low-end machines are now benefiting from the trickle-down technology.’
    • ‘In the trickle-down theory of the economy of our oceans, the species which live highest have the best chance of biological productivity.’
    • ‘To this end, I do not subscribe to the trickle-down theory but instead believe in working from the ground up.’
    • ‘Only $3.7 billion of the $18 billion for reconstruction has been spent, with little trickle-down effect, because most goes to huge U.S. firms.’
    • ‘There's a trickle-down effect - once oil and gas cost more the electricity will eventually cost more and it will cost more to pretty much make anything and do any kind of business.’
    • ‘This was marketed along with the old palliative, the trickle-down effect: tax-breaks for corporations and the wealthy create jobs further down the economic food chain.’