Definition of trickle down in English:

trickle down

phrasal verb

  • (of wealth) gradually benefit the poorest as a result of the increasing wealth of the richest.

    • ‘No longer applicable, then, is the old theory of material benefits trickling down to the poor as the economy flies.’
    • ‘There is also some debate regarding the benefits of the reforms trickling down to the lowest strata of society.’
    • ‘Anything which trickles down wealth from board room to the worker must be applauded, as indeed must any scheme which encourages prudent investing and enables people to save tax.’
    • ‘The widening gap between rich and poor didn't matter because wealth trickled down.’
    • ‘There is no such thing in this country or this world as trickle down wealth.’
    • ‘As we've learned in the last twenty years, wealth may not trickle down very often.’
    • ‘In other words, if the rich do well, the benefits will trickle down to the rest.’
    • ‘I'm just hoping that performance and cost benefits will trickle down to the consumer more readily.’
    • ‘The trickle down benefits for Scotland's professional and financial services infrastructure has been huge.’
    • ‘In many cases, there is little trickle down benefit to the wider population in these countries.’