Definition of trickle irrigation in English:

trickle irrigation


mass noun
  • The supply of a controlled restricted flow of water to a number of points in a cultivated area.

    • ‘Of course, it takes a few years and maybe $6,000 to establish an acre of raspberries with trickle irrigation.’
    • ‘There can be little doubt that some European areas with both uniform rainfall and Mediterranean climates, now practising fully dryland viticulture, could improve their wine quality if limited trickle irrigation were possible.’
    • ‘Soil moisture was routinely monitored and maintained above 70% of field capacity by trickle irrigation.’
    • ‘I wouldn't like to - because I'm not an expert in irrigation practice - but the reality is that irrigation practice is improving outstandingly with trickle irrigation and all sorts of treatments like that.’
    • ‘Try to water your lawn in a way that imitates a slow, soaking rain, by using trickle irrigation, soaker hoses, or other water-conserving methods.’
    • ‘So drip or trickle irrigation is best to avoid the spread of this unpleasant blight.’
    • ‘Finally, choose an efficient irrigation system - such as a soaker hose placed on the ground or a drip or trickle irrigation system - to apply water directly to the soil and reduce evaporation.’
    • ‘Ferretti says gardeners get the best results from trickle irrigation hoses or tapes, but standard watering is effective as well.’
    • ‘Irrigation was provided by an automated trickle irrigation system.’