Definition of tricksily in English:



See tricksy

  • ‘It is tricksily served on a wooden board in a Kilner jar; beneath a blob of goose fat on top of which is some beautifully dressed posh salad, alongside bowls of pickles and a rich plum chutney.’
  • ‘He's capable of martial arts tricks, but he's at home in the depths of the enemy's defenses, plumbing into their secrets and tricksily discovering their greatest secrets.’
  • ‘The songs are tricksily stylish pop that veers gleefully with unexpected time changes, and a charming fifties swing.’
  • ‘How can the people involved in these movies get out of bed in the morning, facing the mountains of tricksily demanding work that they have assigned themselves?’
  • ‘J has configured everything tricksily, and apparently my home account goes through my work email account, which would have been good to realise last week.’