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adjectiveadjective trickier, adjective trickiest

  • 1(of a task, problem, or situation) requiring care and skill because difficult or awkward.

    ‘applying eyeliner can be a tricky business’
    • ‘some things are very tricky to explain’
    • ‘Completing one set of objectives or the other isn't too hard, but completing them both is a tricky task.’
    • ‘The horribly tricky task for the judges in such situations is to avoid the court being used as a weapon in a revenge mission.’
    • ‘He has the tricky task of deciding where the side will play in the future.’
    • ‘He nodded his head while avoiding her tender gaze, a tricky task with a child so small.’
    • ‘Whilst tempting, growing potatoes in a raised bed is tricky because they are difficult to dig out.’
    • ‘There was also plenty of torque to take care of those more tricky roads.’
    • ‘This means learning the tricky skill of being apart but yet being part of the action.’
    • ‘The lack of crossings, lights, pavements and bridges make it tricky business.’
    • ‘It's a tricky business producing a film based on a book that your audience already has a solid affinity with.’
    • ‘Gaining recognition for climbing would appear, at first sight, to be a tricky business.’
    • ‘Not so fast, you have got to find a decent one first and that can be a tricky old business.’
    • ‘It was very tricky business, as one wrong move would result in the loss of the fish.’
    • ‘Making a historical drama that purports to be based on truth is a tricky business.’
    • ‘The markup construction was tricky and required compromises in several places.’
    • ‘If the exact financial scale of the problem is a little tricky to assess, so too is the legal position.’
    • ‘The students use this technique today to master the most complex and tricky footwork.’
    • ‘The Town Hall car park area remains a tricky and highly sensitive area for development.’
    • ‘With some cars this is a relatively simple DIY task, in others it is quite tricky and best done by a garage.’
    • ‘Euthanasia is a very tricky subject and one that should be handled with extreme care.’
    • ‘The art of communication is a tricky business, but not half as tricky as the communication of art.’
    difficult, awkward, problematic, delicate, ticklish, sensitive, touchy, risky, uncertain, precarious, touch-and-go
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    1. 1.1(of a person or act) deceitful, crafty, or skillful.
      ‘The early minutes of the second half saw more great skills from Thompson and tricky runs from Sovago.’
      • ‘Ryan Giggs is not as tricky but he has great pace, skill and overall quality.’
      • ‘The tricky winger immediately started to cause Portadown problems and clearly lifted the Newry attack.’
      • ‘Having been booked earlier for an altercation with McMillan, the tricky winger was sent off.’
      cunning, crafty, wily, artful, guileful, devious, scheming, sly, slippery, slick, deceitful, deceptive, duplicitous, dishonest, disingenuous, Machiavellian
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/ˈtrikē/ /ˈtrɪki/