Definition of triclad in English:



  • A free-living flatworm of an order characterized by having a gut with three branches, including the planarians.

    Order Tricladida, class Turbellaria

    ‘We have searched for Hox and ParaHox genes in several flatworm groups spanning from freshwater triclads to marine polyclads and, more recently, in the acoels, the likely earliest extant bilaterian.’
    • ‘Despite several attempts, no ParaHox genes have so far been found in triclads.’
    • ‘The amplified fragment of EF1a varies in size, from 947 nt in the two polyclads to 962 nt in C. roscoffensis to 965 nt in the three triclads.’
    • ‘The KKEE motif shared between Convoluta and the triclads either is due to convergence or is an artefact of imposed positional homology in the alignment of Berney, Pawloski, and Zaninetti.’
    • ‘In fact, there are only two authenticated cases of passive dispersal in freshwater triclads.’
    • ‘We have isolated and sequenced eight Hox genes from the freshwater triclad Girardia tigrina and three Hox and two ParaHox genes from the polyclad Discocelis tigrina.’



/ˈtrīklad/ /ˈtraɪklæd/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Tricladida, from tri-‘three’ + Greek klados ‘branch’.