Definition of triclinium in English:



  • 1A dining table with couches along three sides, used in ancient Rome.

    • ‘You can see how a triclinium was used to entertain in another fresco, the symposium scene from the Casa dei Casti Amanti in Pompeii.’
    • ‘Round the perimeter of the room is usually a continuous bench seat (a very distant relation of the Mediterranean triclinium?) which, like the walls and floor, is covered with patterned ornamental fabrics and cushions.’
    • ‘Clytemnestra led Miri to a place at the head of the triclinium removed from Germanicus and Agrippina, but she noted, several heads above some very important people from the city.’
    • ‘The frugal meal is served at triclinia below hanging oil-lamps in the high-ceilinged murk.’
    • ‘The original building comprised a large assembly hall with benches, a podium, and an entrance construction that was square with a column at each corner; a separate, unusually large triclinium with built benches; and water facilities.’
    1. 1.1A room containing a triclinium.
      • ‘From the villa rustica known as the Villa Carmiano are three frescoed walls from the triclinium, the sitting room, in which three couches in a U shape typically faced a view, in the case of Stabiae, of the Bay of Naples.’
      • ‘Typical larger Roman houses had a special dining room, the triclinium.’
      • ‘The ante-room to the triclinium had a fine mosaic floor of which three panels survive, showing the seasons spring, summer, and winter.’
      • ‘For this Kondoleon re-created the triclinium of the Atrium House and its adjacent nyrnphaeum, or fountain court.’
      • ‘The first of these takes place in the triclinium and consists of two moments: the washing of the feet and the dialogue which follows it.’


Latin, from Greek triklinion, from tri- ‘three’ + klinē ‘couch’.



/trʌɪˈklɪnɪəm/ /trɪˈklɪnɪəm/ /trʌɪˈklʌɪnɪəm/