Definition of tried and tested (or tried and trusted) in English:

tried and tested (or tried and trusted)


  • Denoting something that has proven in the past to be effective or reliable.

    ‘a tried-and-tested recipe’
    • ‘At the same time, many tried-and-true products are proven best sellers.’
    • ‘The communities affected by youth crime deserve effective, tried-and-tested responses,’ Mr Redmond said.’
    • ‘A franchisee would be foolish to buy into a system and not follow the tried-and-true recipe.’
    • ‘So far none have strayed from this tried-and-true recipe, though some diners may find it a bit oily.’
    • ‘It will follow the same tried-and-tested recipe as their TV show.’
    • ‘Our old, tried-and-true system of prosecution may not be the most effective tool for dealing with terrorism.’
    • ‘We tend to stick to classics or the tried-and-true.’
    • ‘Since their inception more than 100 years ago, built-up roofs have earned a tried-and-true reputation.’
    • ‘The old tried-and-tested methods feel faster!’
    • ‘So we cross-checked and used the kind of tried-and-tested means of verifying, seeing who had documents and notes.’
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, trusted, certain, sure, true