Definition of triene in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtrīēn/ /ˈtraɪin/


  • An unsaturated hydrocarbon containing three double bonds between carbon atoms.

    ‘They established that the conjugated triene was further hydrogenated to a non-conjugated diene and eventually to the monoene 18: 1 til (vaccenic acid) as was the c9, Ml CLA.’
    • ‘The cells contain histamine and trienes leukotrines (white cell, triple-bonded chemicals) that loosen cell joints and allow foreign proteins to enter deeply, causing lung tube spasm.’
    • ‘However, trienes, whether substituted or not, are only extremely weakly fluorescent, whereas dienes are considered as nonfluorescent.’
    • ‘The double bond positions of 11 conjugated trienes were unambiguously located through a simple derivatization method amenable to nanogram-scale analyses.’