Definition of trifid in English:



  • 1Biology
    Partly or wholly split into three divisions or lobes.

    • ‘The suture is quadrilobate and of modest complexity, with two trifid lobes represented on the flanks, margined by bifid saddles.’
    • ‘Miloradovich also recognized these cardinal process types, and noted that the median lobe of the massive, trifid cardinal process often is recurved dorsally.’
    • ‘The trifid third and bifid fourth lobes are incompletely separated by a lower and smaller fourth lateral saddle.’
    • ‘For example, a cardinal process with three lobate structures, but only two muscle attachment sites, would be bilobed and trifid.’
    • ‘It has trifid feet on cabriole legs without shells on the knees.’
  • 2

    (also trefid)
    (of an antique spoon) with three notches splitting the end of the handle.

    • ‘The trefid pattern tea spoons are mostly inverted and we see no indication of any spoon tray, or silver sugar longs, for the page is using his fingers to dispense the lumps of sugar.’
    • ‘Those include a copper trifid sculpture and various ceramic pots and figures.’
    • ‘This example retains the broad, shallow bowl and ribbed rat tail of the earlier trefid form but without the characteristic notches in the terminal of the trefid.’
    • ‘Dating from the post Commonwealth period, circa 1660, the Trefid spoon appears in many different forms, but always has a flat stem and the diagnostic terminal where the stem is divided into three sections.’
    • ‘Originally dating from the late 17th century this attractive trifid top pattern has three prong forks and a low relief based scroll and shell design, typical of the period.’


Mid 18th century from Latin trifidus, from tri- ‘three’ + fid- ‘split, divided’ (from the verb findere).