Definition of trifurcate in English:



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  • Divide into three branches or forks.

    ‘her watch slipped around to where a blue vein trifurcated’
    as adjective trifurcated ‘twigs on the trifurcated structure’
    • ‘In the ventral part, the costae are bi- or trifurcated.’
    • ‘On the other hand, subtrees) and) are trifurcating, and we need to resolve them to find the optimal tree.’
    • ‘The highly centralized hub-and-spoke system - centralized for the airlines, not us - now regularly bifurcates and often trifurcates even an hour's flight time as the crow flies into a four-hour series of legs.’
    • ‘With this change in focus, the traditional CIO becomes trifurcated into three core roles, sometimes fulfilled by a single senior IT executive and sometimes emerging as three separate job titles.’
    • ‘In Fig 3A, estimates of F are shown for a population that trifurcated (scenario III).’
    • ‘The screen is neatly trifurcated to allow viewing of multiple Web pages, each of which can be properly thought of as containing an ‘original work of authorship.’’
    • ‘The crests are strongest at the apex of each cusp, and become weaker as they bifurcate or trifurcate towards the base of the crown.’
    • ‘What do you think of the plan to trifurcate Kashmir?’
    • ‘In a statement he described the proposal as a conspiracy by vested interests to trifurcate the state in political terms.’
    • ‘The latter differs, however, in having bifurcating rays in addition to trifurcating rays.’


  • Divided into three branches or forks.

    • ‘Bittner separated his specimens of tyrolensiform daonellids found in the Himalayas from D. (A.) tyrolensis based on their lack of a regular pattern of trifurcate costae.’
    • ‘The medial imprint also has a trifurcate anterior margin.’
    • ‘Ray repeatedly as many as five times trifurcate at their tips.’
    • ‘The ventral lobe in different species may be simple, bifurcate, or even trifurcate.’


Mid 19th century from Latin trifurcus ‘three-forked’ (from tri-‘three’ + furca ‘fork’) + -ate.