Definition of trigamist in English:



See trigamous

  • ‘We have taken to the custom of condemning trigamists to five years excommunication not on the ground of any canon but only on the ground of usage followed by those who have preceded us.’
  • ‘Kahn's obituary recounted his impressive resumé but no mention was made of the fact that he was also a trigamist who had secretly kept three separate families for years.’
  • ‘In times of abundant prey, male saw-whet owls may be bigamists and even trigamists, supporting two or three mates during one breeding season.’
  • ‘In fact, he's engaged to three of the latter, and each of them spends every spare moment with this entrenched trigamist.’
  • ‘She then married a man who we have lovingly named a trigamist; he was married to two other chicks at the same time that he was married to my mother.’