Definition of triggerfish in English:


nountriggerfish, triggerfishes

  • A marine fish occurring chiefly in tropical inshore waters. It has a large stout dorsal spine which can be erected and locked into place, allowing the fish to wedge itself into crevices.

    Family Balistidae: numerous genera and species

    • ‘In marine areas, species concentrations are highest around coral reefs, where butterflyfishes and angelfishes, wrasses, parrotfishes and triggerfishes are common.’
    • ‘You get turtles, moray eels and titan triggerfish but not the variety of reef fish in the Red Sea or Indonesia, says John Bantin.’
    • ‘Both fish first expand their mouths to draw in water, but the puffer then pumps the water into its stomach, while the triggerfish opens its mouth and pumps the water back out.’
    • ‘Among the dangerous creatures were moray eels, ‘and triggerfish nibbled at her feet‘.’
    • ‘The oceanic triggerfish is a species found only in the tropical Red Sea.’