Definition of trihalomethane in English:


(also THM)


  • another term for haloform

    • ‘However, when chlorine combines with other materials in water, it forms chloroform and related chemicals called trihalomethanes.’
    • ‘The 3 studies using routine measurements of trihalomethanes constituted a homogeneous group.’
    • ‘The protective effect of both rural residence and use of well water suggests less exposure to chlorine-treated water among people with lower blood levels of trihalomethanes.’
    • ‘Some, including trihalomethanes, as well as many pesticides, herbicides, and industrial solvents are regulated by the government.’
    • ‘Compounds known as trihalomethanes are formed and have been identified as potentially cancer-causing.’



/ˌtrīˌhalōˈmeTHān/ /ˌtraɪˌhæloʊˈmɛθeɪn/