Definition of trillion in English:


cardinal numbertrillions, trillion

  • 1A million million (1,000,000,000,000 or 10¹²).

    • ‘Scientists tell us that just after the ‘big bang’ the temperature was 100 million trillion trillion degrees.’
    • ‘There are now more than 200 million vehicles traveling 5 trillion miles per year in the United States alone.’
    • ‘Estimates for the total cost of reunification range from hundreds of billion to a few trillion dollars.’
    • ‘This resulted in the quadrupling of the debt from $568 billion US to about $2 trillion US.’
    • ‘Estimates show Spanish Point could contain up to 1.1 trillion cubic feet of gas and 112 millions of barrels of oil in the nearby Burren field.’
    • ‘Japan's total savings market of 44 million households is about $10 trillion, or half the U.S. market.’
    • ‘The most distant objects in the universe are about a hundred billion trillion miles away.’
    • ‘BAT sold 800 billion of the 5.3 trillion cigarettes in the global market last year.’
    • ‘Government data shows that Indonesia has reserves of 10 billion barrels of oil and 150 trillion cubic feet of gas.’
    • ‘Their business with each other exceeds $2.5 trillion a year and provides jobs for some 12 million workers.’
    • ‘These companies employ about six million Canadians and generate as much as $1.3 trillion in gross annual sales.’
    • ‘Orders are placed for 100 million cars, at a cost of a trillion dollars - a major boost to the economy.’
    • ‘After all, it only has a population of 33 million and a GDP of $1.07 trillion.’
    • ‘The signal is thought to have been transmitted 31 million years ago and travelled 182 trillion miles to reach us on Earth.’
    • ‘And if we keep doing that we'll get the national debt down to about $1.1 trillion over the next 10 years.’
    • ‘The federal government spends over $2 trillion annually on more than 1,000 programs.’
    • ‘Neutrinos are extremely abundant in nature - trillions of them are passing through us at any given moment.’
    • ‘The loans, which amount to trillions of yen, are seen as a key hurdle to economic revival.’
    • ‘The planet's electromagnetic field is decaying due to the outer core of the Earth, itself a ball of trillions of tons of liquid metal, having stopped moving.’
    • ‘Why do we need trillions of dollars worth of prescription drugs.’
    1. 1.1trillionsinformal A very large number or amount.
      ‘the yammering of trillions of voices’
      • ‘All this ridiculous wealth: trillions and zillions of it in less than a cubic mile of the City.’
      • ‘The amount is a joke compared to the trillions lost by investors and the billions in fees that the brokerages earned.’
      • ‘You can't get a hundred per cent guarantees and you can't spend trillions of dollars trying to guard a single Qantas office.’
      • ‘The government organisation for whom I slog my guts out are making trillions of people redundant due to a ‘restructure’.’
      • ‘There were trillions of them, shimmering against the blue and black sky.’
      • ‘A baby is born with trillions of circuits in its brain.’
      • ‘I look forward to someone adding it all up, but it's easily in the trillions.’
      • ‘You'd think with all their trillions of dollars they could afford therapy or something.’
      • ‘Eventually, everyone in the world who has ever logged on will owe us a million billion trillion dollars.’
      • ‘I would never, ever in a million billion trillion years kiss Macy's feet.’
    2. 1.2British dated A million million million (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 10¹⁸).
      ‘Furthermore, the British trillion is a million times of its American counterpart!’
      ‘A British trillion used to be one million American trillions, but they are mostly the same now.’


Late 17th century from French, from million, by substitution of the prefix tri- ‘three’ for the initial letters.