Definition of trilobite in English:



  • An extinct marine arthropod that occurred abundantly during the Paleozoic era, with a carapace over the forepart, and a segmented hind part divided longitudinally into three lobes.

    Subphylum Trilobita, phylum Arthropoda: numerous classes and orders

    ‘These fossils include graptolites, trilobites, and various types of microfossils visible only under the microscope.’
    • ‘Clearly visible within the imprint were the remains of trilobites, extinct marine arthropods.’
    • ‘But in fact, there are very distinct patterns found in the fossil record of trilobites.’
    • ‘Some studies that dealt mostly with Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician trilobites included descriptions of brachiopods.’
    • ‘In recent years Cambrian trilobites and brachiopods have been discovered in Bhutan, close to the eastern syntaxis of the Himalaya.’



/ˈtrīləˌbīt/ /ˈtraɪləˌbaɪt/


Early 19th century from German Trilobit, from Greek tri- ‘three’ + lobos ‘lobe’.