Definition of trimix in English:



mass noun
  • A breathing mixture for deep-sea divers, composed of nitrogen, helium, and oxygen.

    • ‘Now, helium based gas mixtures such as trimix are available, as is the knowledge and training that is available to enable divers to dive more safely to 70m and beyond.’
    • ‘In addition, up to 9 different trimix and nitrox gases may be input.’
    • ‘One problem we face is getting access to the gases we need, trimix and nitrox.’
    • ‘This is an advanced air dive best suited to technical nitrox or normoxic trimix.’
    • ‘We aim to produce divers who are trained to respond to reasonably foreseeable trimix and technical diving emergencies’.’
    • ‘And because of the technical nature of some of the dives, nitrox and trimix are readily available to divers able to show proof of training, qualifications and experience.’
    • ‘I follow the shotline down, pausing at 30m to switch from nitrox to my back-mounted trimix of 16 / 40.’
    • ‘The group was mixed, some on trimix, some on air.’
    • ‘It might limit dives to a maximum of 50m on air and 75m on trimix.’
    • ‘Diving with nitrox and trimix has to be arranged in advance as there is no permanent facility.’