Definition of trimming in English:



usually trimmings
  • 1Small pieces trimmed off something.

    ‘hedge trimmings’
    • ‘Maybe the hedge trimmings we've laid out are giving the place a ‘pine fresh’ smell and the cats have realised it is not, in fact, their toilet.’
    • ‘Land behind homes on Athlone and Marquis Avenue has been targeted by dumpers who have left masonry, hedge trimmings, old furniture and carpets at the site.’
    • ‘A fire was had yesterday to burn the hedge trimmings.’
    • ‘In the meantime the pile of hedge trimmings will simply have to sit and wait.’
    • ‘They will be able to use their wheelie bin for grass cuttings, bark, leaves, hedge trimmings, twigs, small branches, fallen fruit, cut flowers and garden and house plants.’
    • ‘Louise counts three boxes of wide screen TV's, a couple of DVD players and mini-disc systems; more bikes, chipped wine glasses and the token trimmings from hedges and Conifers.’
    • ‘Instead of filling them up with grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and recyclable glass bottles and tin cans, the argument goes, we will separate those out for recycling so our normal bins won't fill up so quickly.’
    • ‘I went to check out the other room to assure a ‘shaken’ up Terry that it was free from all human bodily trimmings and clippings.’
    • ‘So long that we trimmed a full third of it and published the trimmings on the website, and collectively they practically make up a full interview unto themselves.’
    • ‘All those vegetable trimmings, potato peelings and veggies from the table can all go on the compost heap.’
    • ‘Put the peelings, cores and any other trimmings into a small stainless-steel pot and just cover with cold water.’
    • ‘The backbone and any trimmings make an excellent stock for the vermouth sabayon.’
    • ‘The battle between plastic versus paper bags for yard trimmings resurfaced again in North Vancouver District on Feb. 24 with debate broadened to consider a third option.’
    • ‘Per capita, New Yorkers put out between 45 and 70 kilograms of trimmings, almost exactly what we get from our modern wet-waste composting program.’
    • ‘A bill from the same company in January 2004, was for only €89, presumably on the basis that the festive trimmings from the previous year were used.’
    • ‘Then I noticed that a lot of debris, consisting of tree trimmings and garbage that people had thrown into the gully was rammed up against the side of the bridge facing the direction the water flowed from.’
    • ‘Branches and trimmings that are over 15 centimetres in diameter are cut into small lengths so that they will dry or decay more quickly and not offer sites for the pinhole beetle.’
    • ‘Remove dried grass cuttings, tree trimmings and weeds from the property’
    • ‘The green bin is for rubbish which can be composted like grass cuttings, plant trimmings, tea bags, coffee grinds, potato peelings etc. but no cooked food or raw meat.’
    • ‘So, over 20 years, given inflation, you'll spend about $3,200, give or take a trimming.’
    cuttings, clippings, parings, shavings, ends
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  • 2Decoration, especially for clothing.

    ‘a white romper suit with pink trimmings’
    mass noun ‘a party dress with lace trimming’
    • ‘They now use ready-made rickrack and shiny synthetic trimmings to adorn their garments.’
    • ‘The top was decorated with rhinestone trimmings at the neckline.’
    • ‘An elegant black satin sleeveless dress with red lace trimmings hugged the woman's skeletal figure, not complementing her ashen complexion at all.’
    • ‘I could never look as beautiful as Sinjun did in the yellow gown with its balloon skirt and lace trimmings.’
    • ‘A fascinating mix of braids, tassels, chenilles and decorative trimmings in delicate silken yarn complements the entire package.’
    • ‘But upon reaching the coffin, which was framed in white and black marble and laced with gold trimmings, she stood aghast in silence for what seemed like an eternity.’
    • ‘Lillian was wearing a cerulean dress from Italy, decorated by gold trimmings.’
    • ‘The domestic system continued in the trades where there were specialized markets or where there were constant changes in the demand for decorative accessories and trimmings for the fashion industry.’
    • ‘Malthus marks the effective interchangeability of these two tendencies in an example illustrating the possible causes of a decline in demand for decorative trimmings.’
    • ‘He was dressed in brilliantly white robes with gold trimmings and fine embroidery of natural forms.’
    • ‘The company offers a range of sequin trimmings from 2 inches to 9 inches and specializes in custom work, such as creating patterns and combining sequins with embroidery.’
    • ‘Messenger bags have been around for many years and, like most fashion items, they have evolved with the times, which is why this messenger bag has the trimmings to make it one of the hippest bags around.’
    • ‘Later, before dinner, I put on my dark blue satin gown with the silver trimmings and sash.’
    • ‘They each carried bouquets of pale pink and blue to match the trimmings of the dresses.’
    • ‘She wore a white gown with light blue trimmings and looked as effortlessly immaculate as always.’
    • ‘She was wearing a light blue pullover shirt and gray shorts with elastic trimming.’
    • ‘He smiled politely as he was served food and drink, and sat quietly on a nice couch until the nobleman came out, dressed in a royal blue tunic, trimmed in black, the pants being the same as the trimming.’
    • ‘The house was painted white with gray trimming.’
    • ‘His pants were also white, just without the trimming.’
    decoration, trim, ornamentation, adornment, passementerie, embroidery, frou-frou
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    1. 2.1the trimmingsinformal The traditional accompaniments to something, especially a meal.
      ‘roast turkey with all the trimmings’
      • ‘The next morning, she cooks a gourmet meal with all the trimmings.’
      • ‘You can get a fine fillet steak with chips and trimmings for €10-12.’
      • ‘The extra trimmings like this are nice but they're not the most important thing.’
      • ‘But turkey and all the trimmings were also served to the 170 guests, including the Lord Mayor and Mayoress, at the annual Burns Supper hosted by York's St Andrew Society at the racecourse.’
      • ‘Praise must be given to noted musician/conductor Erwin for saluting the legendary musicians, but the result is soulless and, at times, overpolished with orchestra and the trimmings.’
      • ‘The trimmings of the honeymoon were hell but the actual break was lovely.’
      • ‘He was very accommodating and after 10 minutes returned with my cooked steak looking like it was a complete new meal with all the fancy trimmings of snow pea sprouts, cherry tomatoes and mushroom sauce.’
      • ‘We will be serving Christmas dinners throughout the day with turkey and all the trimmings.’
      • ‘But I'd be really gutted if we didn't get 1,500 in tonight, especially with the fact it is free and all the other trimmings.’
      • ‘The event had all the trimmings - the beauty of youth, strong emotions and, of course, skillful performances.’
      accompaniments, extras, frills, accessories, accoutrements, trappings, paraphernalia
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