Definition of trimness in English:



See trim

‘The Avon winds through the grounds which are laid out in the English fashion - though with a certain absence of the stiffness and trimness of English pleasure grounds.’
  • ‘I love the trimness and casual uniformity of estate villages; they are what foreigners probably imagine all English villages to be like and, of course, come complete with squire.’
  • ‘The anxiety is not about the trimness of their figures, but the decorations on the shoulders and neck of the army uniform, when donned by senior officers.’
  • ‘We seek to fill our empty spaces with objects, titles, and transitory self-images of youth and trimness.’
  • ‘But he has done so with a resolute trimness, a disciplined avowal to say the poem only as it says itself, and no more.’



/ˈtrimnəs/ /ˈtrɪmnəs/