Definition of Trinidad and Tobago in English:

Trinidad and Tobago

proper noun

  • A country in the Caribbean consisting of two islands off the north-eastern coast of Venezuela; population 1,400,000 (estimated 2015); languages, English (official), Creoles; capital, Port-of-Spain (on Trinidad).

Much the larger of the two islands is Trinidad, with Tobago to the north-east. Trinidad, inhabited by Arawaks, was visited by Columbus in 1498 and settled by the Spanish; Tobago, occupied by Caribs, was colonized by the French and later the British in the 18th century. Trinidad became British during the Napoleonic Wars and was formally amalgamated with Tobago as a Crown Colony in 1888. Trinidad and Tobago became an independent member state of the Commonwealth in 1962 and finally a republic in 1976


Trinidad and Tobago

/ˈtrɪnɪdad ənd təˈbeɪɡəʊ/