Definition of Trinitarian in English:



  • Relating to belief in the doctrine of the Trinity.

    • ‘They much admired Marius Victorinus, whose last years had been devoted to the deployment of Neoplatonic logic in defence of orthodox Trinitarian belief.’
    • ‘In the first place, Orthodox Trinitarian doctrine cannot afford to emphasize either substance at the expense of personae or personae at the expense of substance.’
    • ‘Thus, this work is a contribution to the development of Trinitarian doctrine, not an attempt at an authoritative explication of that doctrine.’
    • ‘That is to say, Trinitarian doctrine was moving towards formalization because it quite simply needed rules.’
    • ‘At the very end of his treatment of the peregrinations of the doctrine of the Trinity in German Protestant thought, Powell sketches possible directions which future Trinitarian journeys might take.’
    • ‘Moreover, as Kennedy notes, to link the defense of orthodox, Trinitarian Christianity so thoroughly with assent to the doctrine of apostolic succession is regrettable.’
    • ‘Here he brings out a rather different flavour of reflection or the place of the Passion in Trinitarian theology from that of Bulgakov on the other theologians in this section.’
    • ‘He observes, first, that in recent years there has grown up a ‘research program’ which sets the ‘current Trinitarian agenda’ for many if not all theologians.’
    • ‘It is also valuable that they take seriously the feminist critiques of traditional, formulaic expressions of Trinitarian faith, and propose some helpfully specific alternate approaches.’
    • ‘On the surface, Watson's emphasis on biblical theology and Vanhoozer's Trinitarian hermeneutics seem somewhat compatible, but there are crucial differences.’
    • ‘George's strong Trinitarian position will make the dialogue a bit difficult, but he explains the foundations for dialogue and presents his case strongly and with respect.’
    • ‘‘True union differentiates,’ as Teilhard de Chardin often emphasized and as Trinitarian theology has also always implied.’
    • ‘The most pressing question becomes whether or not Watson's biblical theological approach can coexist peaceably with Vanhoozer's Trinitarian approach.’
    • ‘Secondly, Trinitarian thought has enjoyed a revival of late precisely because theologians have shown its relevance to contemporary social concerns.’
    • ‘Even God's own Trinitarian life is relational.’
    • ‘The incredible flowering of Trinitarian theology of recent years has frequently been a ‘functionalist’ flowering.’
    • ‘On Gunton's own reading, the bulk of the Christian tradition has tended not to conceive creation properly-that is, in Trinitarian terms.’
    • ‘Certainly, an important aspect of such recovery is its contribution to contemporary developments in Trinitarian thought.’
    • ‘This scheme dominates the present volume: the key to every problem is the tracing of this Trinitarian logic.’
    • ‘If this Trinitarian model of persuasion were to be adopted, what would some of the consequences be for the way we are the Church?’


  • A person who believes in the doctrine of the Trinity.

    • ‘Yet it is undeniable that this intra-pentecostal dispute between Trinitarians and Oneness has serious theological and doctrinal implications for Pentecostal-evangelical relationships.’
    • ‘It may be overstating it to find Augustine's genius primarily in his brilliant synthesis of the economic and metaphysical Trinitarians, as this synthesis was also a concern of most Pro- and Neo-Nicene theologians.’
    • ‘John Adams was a Unitarian, which Trinitarians abhorred as heresy.’
    • ‘As these Enlightened Dissenters were Trinitarians, they felt the need to demonstrate and justify the rationality of the scriptures and the validity of Christ's messiahship.’
    • ‘There are some might say, well, he became God, or he is like God or he is a good example of God, but for the Trinitarians, he has always been God, and the father, son and spirit are that unity.’
    • ‘Like Judaism, Islam was a monotheistic and theocratic religion, not a Trinitarian one like Christianity.’
    • ‘An advance upon the Trinitarian thought of Athanasius and the Cappadocians, it is a conception of the doctrine that maintains ‘a continuity between theology and economy’.’
    • ‘As a springing forth of the Spirit of God back towards God, worship localizes the Trinitarian well.’
    • ‘And this, perhaps, leaves the door open for the social Trinitarian to make the case that divine unity is not lost on his view after all.’