Definition of Trinity Brethren in English:

Trinity Brethren

plural noun

  • The members of Trinity House.

    • ‘The land was given by the Trinity Brethren and the trustees opened a public competition for the design.’
    • ‘The lighthouse had been standing for 120 years when ominous reports were received by the Trinity Brethren concerning the stability of the tower.’
    • ‘Since before the Great Loss, members of our house have devoted their lives to following the Path of the Trinity Brethren, and seeking to learn the knowledge of the Dream.’
    • ‘These were taken over by the Trinity Brethren in 1609.’
    • ‘It is gratifying to the archaeological instinct to find that the proposals of the Trinity Brethren to pull down a fine Wren building in the East End has become one of the leading topics of the day for the London press.’