Definition of trinketry in English:



See trinket

  • ‘The film, because it is filmed without the help of Hollywood's big names and trinketry is absolutely and stunningly beautiful.’
  • ‘Wearing khaki cargo pants and sandals, her neck was festooned with all manner of jungle trinketry, from stones and carved wooden gewgaws to a bright orange bandana.’
  • ‘Gentrification has spruced up the colonial facades, traveling bands of vendors offer their trinketry, plump women in white turbans and fluffed skirts wait bored to pose for pictures.’
  • ‘I succumb to excess in trinketry, furniture, and small objects.’
  • ‘These were often sold to shops catering to tourists or soldiers on leave, who could then cheaply pick up an ‘authentic’ bit of trinketry to present to sweetheart, wife, friends or family while on leave.’